Hello. We are Mary and Danielle Austin, and we are family. We love animals very much and this is one of the things that brought us together. My parents had a dog, a cat, and a rabbit in their house. But now that we have our own family, we decided to get pets of our own. We recently got a pet ornamental rabbit and now want to share with you our experience feeding, caring for, and playing with our rabbit.

Our home rabbit

As responsible owners, we make regular visits to the vet and also keep a close eye on what our rabbit eats, how he sleeps, and what toys he plays with.

We also like to travel with our rabbit, so we will share our experiences with you.

The care of rabbits differs because of the differences in breeds, habitat, nutrition and care. So the very first recommendation is to be attentive to your pet and, if anything happens, see a veterinarian.