What Do Bunnies Like to Sleep On? Complete Review

Those who encounter rabbits for the first time are sometimes at a loss as to when their ornamental pets rest or rather sleep. If you watch the bunnies, it may seem that the animals are constantly active. Experienced breeders know that it only seems so at first glance, but in reality, the animals manage to rest and sleep even with their eyes open.

Scientists call decorative rabbits crepuscular animals, because they are active in the morning and evening, and the rest of the time they have more rest. Eared rabbits are characterized by intermittent and anxious sleep, which was passed down from their wild relatives. In nature, rabbits sleep for a short time. They need to be careful, because predators may be waiting for them every minute.

What Do Bunnies Like to Sleep On?
Bunnies like to sleep on soft, comfortable surfaces. They will often choose a spot in their cage that is lined with a soft material, such as a towel or blanket. Some bunnies also enjoy sleeping in a covered bed, such as a pet bed or cardboard box. If your bunny has a favorite sleeping spot, you can place a towel or blanket there to make it more comfortable.

What Conditions Do Rabbits Like to Sleep In?

In the home, the predominant times when rabbits sleep are periods when no one is home and there are no frightening noises around them.
Over time, as the animal gets used to the habitat, its position becomes more relaxed. The rabbit sleeps on its side or on its back with its pelvic limbs up. In the latter case, this trusting position is a sign that the pet is completely relaxed and feels safe. This position is the most convenient to rush away in case of danger.

For a more comfortable existence in a cage of an animal, it is necessary to arrange a kind of mink. To do this, you need a small area where you install a special wooden house, or in the most secluded corner, you put a pile of hay. Also, this place can be curtained or a cardboard box can be put there.

Such an enclosed space creates a feeling of safety and a more restful sleep. The cage should be placed in a quiet place.
It is worth considering that animals can chew their houses, so they should be replaced periodically. The litter box, feeders, and drinkers are placed at the opposite end of the cage.
white rabbit sleeps

How Many Rabbits Sleep per Day?

Do ornamental rabbits sleep and what is the daily duration of sleep? On average, it is normal for an eared animal to sleep for about 9 hours. However, animals in the wild cannot afford such luxury, and pets are rarely caught sleeping peacefully.

In the wild, eared animals can hardly afford a relaxed sleep lying around. They need to feel completely safe, which is very rarely the case outside their owner’s home.

Even in its burrow, the animal can not feel in complete safety, because of predators at any time are able to strike.

The vast majority of rabbits sleep in a half-sitting or sitting position. This body position allows the rabbit to quickly snap out of its sleep and run away from the source of danger.

The eyelids do not droop completely, and the rabbit’s eyes are squinted but not closed. There are even cases where the fearful poor creatures sleep with their eyes wide open. Adapting to such sleep was just necessary for them to survive.

Throughout the day, juveniles may sleep in short intervals of no more than 5 minutes. Being in a calm environment, they fall asleep quickly, but, despite this, their sleep is very sensitive.

During the day, such intervals are repeated frequently, so that it is possible to accumulate several hours of sleep in total. At night, spending time in the burrow, the animal can afford a longer sleep.

Dwarf domestic rabbits follow their instincts for the most part, so their sleeping routines and features are similar to their wild relatives.
the gray rabbit sleeps next to the ball

When Do They Fall Asleep?

During the day, rabbits sleep sensitively and at intervals; they do not go into deep sleep. Any extraneous sound, rustle, or noise instantly returns the pet to wakefulness. Animals must immediately orient themselves in their surroundings so that in case of possible danger they can react to defend themselves or run away.

At night, under quiet conditions, rabbits sleep for longer periods of time. However, activity phases also persist, as night is a relatively safe time in the wild. Not all predators are good at navigating in the dark, which gives the rabbit an advantage when chasing. It is in the dark that these animals can move around quietly and look for food sources, etc.

Peculiarities of Sleep and Vision

The main physiological features of all breeds:

  • Animals see well at night and orient themselves in space not only with their eyes but also with their whiskers. They manage to catch the slightest vibrations at great distances;
  • Ornamental rabbits can fall asleep in a fraction of a second and wake up even faster. They don’t have to lie down to sleep; they can rest sitting or even standing up. If a pet sleeps lying down and with its eyes completely closed in the presence of the family, it indicates that it completely trusts them;
  • Sometimes animals sleep with their eyes open. This allows during sleep to fully analyze the situation around. This peculiarity of the body allows a quick awakening and escape from a predator or any other potential danger.

When Do Rabbits Sleep?

It is quite normal for animals to sleep, both during the day and at night. In a day, the little furball sleeps an average of 5-6 hours, sometimes up to 9 hours. But since rabbits are considered nocturnal animals, they prefer to sleep in the morning or afternoon.

An interesting point is that rabbits do not close their eyes during sleep, but only squint slightly. This instinct is inherent in them genetically. They are always toned up and ready to act quickly (run) if they sense danger. The same can be said about ornamental rabbit breeds.
two gray rabbits sleeping next to flowers

What Should I Do if My Rabbit Doesn’t Sleep at Night?

Most likely, your pet will not comply with the silence regime because he is a nocturnal animal. Noise at night is common to the pet’s activities, and he may chew and rustle the contents of his cage. Unfortunately, this will be a problem for people with sensitive sleep.

The rabbit, in the wild, is predominantly a nocturnal animal, although we know many examples of nocturnal and crepuscular animals in domestic breeding adapting to the human mode, sleeping when the human sleeps.

To reduce the noise, you can cover the cage from above with a thick blanket or suspend it so that it sways a little when it moves. On no account should you bang on the bars of the cage or yell at the animal, this will only make the problem worse.

So, before getting a new pet, you need to consider the behavior and sleeping habits of ornamental rabbits. Knowing the nature of the predominantly nocturnal animal, you must first decide if you can tolerate noise at night.

Quieting a noisy big-eared animal will help:

  • Setting up a mink or tunnel where the critter will spend the night;
  • Stroking the animal to relieve stress.

If such noise is disturbing, you can use the recommendations of experienced rabbit breeders:

  • Cover the rabbit’s dwelling for the night with a thick cloth.
  • Place the cage with the animal away from the bedrooms.
  • Minimize contact and access to the rabbit by other pets.

Can a Rabbit Sleep in the Same Bed as a Human?

This is up to you to decide, but remember that a rabbit, outside its cage, defecates at any time, the frequency is not regulated as with cats, dogs, and other pets.

If a person would not be embarrassed by this, why not put the rabbit next to you in bed? To find out in practice if a person can take a rabbit to bed, all it takes is one night.

Also, if you fall asleep you may accidentally hurt the rabbit in your sleep. Therefore, I do not recommend that you take the rabbit to bed.
the bunny sleeps on the owner's bed

Where Should the Rabbit Sleep?

A cage with a decorative rabbit should be placed in a quiet place where there is no or minimal movement. No loud noises should be heard in the vicinity. For the safety of the pet, the cage should be equipped with a kind of mink where the pet can hide if it smells in danger. An enclosed space creates a feeling of safety and will contribute to a more peaceful sleep.

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What Should Rabbits Sleep On?

Rabbits are gentle creatures that have delicate feet and fur. As a result, they require a comfortable place to rest and sleep. The best option for rabbits is to sleep on a soft, absorbent surface, like a towel or fleece. This will help keep their fur clean and dry and prevent their feet from getting sore.

Popular rabbit bedding options:

Wood pellets

When it comes to bedding for rabbits, wood pellets are another possible option. They are absorbent, non-toxic, and generally a solid choice. They are slightly more expensive than aspen shavings or paper, but they also last longer. By comparison, wood pellets also absorb more urine, spills, and odor in general.

Hay or straw

As bedding for rabbits, some will prefer to use a straw. This is because it is available and abundant. However, straw is not as absorbent as aspen shavings or paper. Because rabbits eat hay, they may also eat too much bedding.


Many rabbit owners have chosen to use paper bedding for their rabbits. Even at home, you can find paper anywhere. So, what kind of paper can you use when it comes to what to put in the bottom of your rabbit cage?

Well, you should avoid any paper that contains ink. It’s a toxic compound that can harm a rabbit. Instead, look for a clean piece of paper. Also, make sure that the paper has no trim, as it is also not suitable for rabbits.

Brown paper bags and even cardboard are also good. You can make bedding by tearing the paper into shreds.


In my opinion, the towel is a temporary solution. This is due to the fact that if you use it permanently you would have to constantly wash it and use a second towel to replace it.

Rabbit Litter

A mat on the floor is a great solution. It can be used as a carpet pad for another mat or as a separate mat. It will make cleaning the rabbit’s cage much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions.

What do rabbits like to sleep on?

Rabbits like to sleep on soft, comfortable surfaces. They may choose to sleep on a bed of hay, a pile of blankets, or a soft cushion.

Do bunnies sleep in the dark?

Bunnies typically sleep in the dark or in a dimly lit area.

Do bunnies need bedding?

Bunnies do not need bedding, but they may appreciate having a soft place to rest.

How Much Bedding Does a Rabbit Need?

A rabbit needs a lot of bedding to stay warm and dry. The amount of bedding a rabbit needs will depend on the size of the cage and the rabbit. A good rule of thumb is to use three to four times as much bedding as the rabbit.

What do rabbits sleep in?

Rabbits sleep in burrows, which are holes in the ground that they dig with their front paws and teeth.
the white rabbit sleeps soundly

Can You Use Wood Chips for Rabbit Bedding?

Yes, you can use wood chips for rabbit bedding, but there are some things to keep in mind. Wood chips can be a bit messy and are not as absorbent as other materials like straw or hay. You will need to change the bedding more often if you use wood chips.

What do bunnies like to sleep on?

Bunnies like to sleep on soft, comfortable surfaces. They will often choose a spot in their cage that is lined with a soft material, such as a towel or blanket. Some bunnies also enjoy sleeping in a covered bed, such as a pet bed or cardboard box. If your bunny has a favorite sleeping spot, you can place a towel or blanket there to make it more comfortable.

Do rabbits need a bed?

Rabbits do not need a bed, but they may enjoy sleeping in a soft, cozy bed. If you choose to provide a bed for your rabbit, be sure to select one that is made of safe, non-toxic materials and that is the appropriate size for your rabbit.

Do rabbits need bedding in a cage?

Rabbits need bedding in a cage to help keep them clean and comfortable.


A proper regime for rabbits is essential for their health. Therefore, animals should be given the opportunity to relax from excessive socializing, be alone and get some sleep.

But if you think that the rabbit does not sleep even when you are away, you are probably wrong. There is no need to worry because most of the time your rabbit sleeps with his eyes open.

I hope this article has answered the question “what do rabbits sleep on?”. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments below the article.

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